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Giselle Dias is an accomplished creative director and image architect with a strong foundation in photography. With a primary focus on fashion, 

GD has adeptly shaped the visual identities of various  artists like and successfully led compelling campaigns and created content for several brands such as Prada, Miu Miu, Dior, Vivara & Julio Okubo.


Dias honed her craft at the Los Angeles Film School, where she cultivated her passion for visual storytelling and graduated in Film. She has curated a diverse portfolio in fashion, advertising and music videos, showcasing her adeptness in capturing the essence of each project.


Notably, she has also conceptualized and executed two personal projects that beautifully reflect her dedication to empowering voices and fostering societal awareness through the lens of her craft. "Amor Não Se Compra," unveiled in 2020, highlights showcased her artistry in transforming abandoned animals into captivating stars, accompanied by notable Brazilian figures, serving as a poignant reminder of the importance of pet adoption. Her latest ongoing project, "Muses," serves as a heartfelt tribute to the women who inspire her, encapsulating the essence of feminine strength and beauty through her photos.

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